Working hard while playing like a child

The past few days I have reconnected with my childhood by helping children reconnect with their communities’ folklore and narrative. I’ve been working on the story-telling and participatory sketching activities, and it has been a blast. When I came last year I collected stories from the communities’ elders   and then transcribed them. Initially these stories were meant to be used as part of our community based tourism strategy but somewhere down the road we decided to have the children from this community.


For this activities we brought an illustrated album built with the typed stories and the children’s illustrations and we did a critical dialogue activity using the morals and lessons from each of the stories in a discussion with the children. Then we had another participatory sketching activity, where we asked the children to draw a story about what the characters from the stories should have done and how things would have been different if they had acted better. munities illustrate the stories. In the pilot activity they seemed to be having a lot of fun, and they seem to be very engaged with the stories, so we decided this was an awesome activity to incorporate into our education and culture initiative.

 ImageThe schools’ teachers were very enthusiastic about these activities since, as one of them stated, “they help the kids create and reflect at the same time, instead of reading and memorizing things” and all of them said they would be interested in incorporating this kind of activity into their curriculum. I’d  like to pretend to be a very noble person and say I’m working hard to make a difference , but truth to be told I’m just having fun . Gosh I’m so lucky! I get to play like a little kid and call it a work day 😉

Written and photo by Lily Acevedo


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